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Otar Saralidze

Otar Saralidze

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Who is Otar Saralidze?

Wikipedia: Otar Saralidze He is an actor, television personality, dubbing actor, theatrical artist, business owner, and social media influencer who is 32 years old. Georgia’s capital city of Tbilisi is home to this great Polish-Georgian actor. He is presently residing in Poland. I should mention that Otar is highly recognized for his portrayal of Domenico in the movie 365 Days.

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In addition to this, Saralidze has appeared in numerous other films and TV shows, including Mafia Women 2 and For Knives. He performs the role of a dubbing artist as well. Otar also voiced many films and television shows, according to his Wikipedia page. To learn more about Otar Saralidze, read this article.

Professional actor and theater artist Otar Saralidze. His work with the two major theaters in the city, OCH-Teatr, and Teatr Powszechny, has earned him a lot of popularity. Otar has also been in several theater productions.

In the Polish version of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Saralidze also provided the voice of Eddie Brock/Venom. Otar is also a social media influencer and a model.

What is the Net Worth of Otar Saralidze? Salary, Earnings

His careers in acting, dubbing and modeling are the main sources of Saralidze’s income. In addition to this, he also receives payment for paid partnerships. Otar’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million (approx.).

Where was Otar Saralidze born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Otar was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, on January 14, 1990, according to the sources. He is a believer. Otar was raised in Georgia, as stated by Wikipedia.

Otar is 32 years old as of the date of his birth (as of 2022). Every January, the 14th is when he celebrates his birthday. He comes from an ethnically diverse background. The zodiac sign of this amazing performer is Capricorn.

According to the sources, Otar finished his elementary education at a nearby private school. Saralidze has always had a passion for acting. He relocated to Warsaw, Poland, following his high school graduation to pursue acting studies there.

He went to Theater Academy as well. Warsaw’s Alexander Zelwerowicz. In addition to this, he also participated in a Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute theater training course.

Otar is a member of a well-established Georgian family, according to the sources. Additionally, he posted pictures of his granddad on social media. Otar also enjoys spending time with his family, particularly his parents and siblings. His family’s precise composition is unknown.

Is Otar Saralidze Single? Relationship

We learned by looking at Saralidze’s social media accounts that he enjoys hanging out with his cast mates and coworkers. Otar has collaborated with a variety of well-known performers throughout his entertainment career.

Additionally, he performed in theater productions alongside some well-known women. His present romantic situation is unknown, though. He might be single (as of April 2022).

How did Otar Saralidze start his Professional Career?

Otar Saralidze began his career performing in plays. He has also made numerous stage appearances. In addition to this, he has uploaded images and videos of his theater performances to his social media accounts. Otar gained notoriety after portraying Domenico in the movie 365 Days (2020).

He was chosen for the same role in 365 days again because of his incredible acting abilities: This Day (2022). He collaborated on this movie with Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, and other actors. Otar is also a dubbing artist in addition to this. Additionally, he has provided voices for several characters in movies and animated television shows.

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