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Patty Tiu’s Health: What Has Been Happening To The DJ? Health Update

Patty Tiu

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The health of Patty Tiu has not been excellent. However, the DJ made the decision to use her remaining free time to assist others who were in need.

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Filipino DJ Patty Tiu is well-known in her own country. Since 2011, she has been active in the music business, establishing the mood for gatherings and parties.

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Over the course of the year, the DJ from Manila has built himself a sizable fan base. On Instagram, she has 233K followers. Despite her desire to continue pursuing a career in music, she had to alter her course due to a health problem.

She just published an emotional parting message to her friends, family, and followers. Where is the excellent DJ now? Here are all the specifics on her cancer diagnosis and present health.

Patty Tiu’s Health: What Has Been Happening To The DJ?

While they bop and dance to Patty Tiu’s tunes, few people are aware of her struggles in the DJ booth.

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Patty may reach for an empty bucket at the booth’s lowest corner whenever she needs to let go of all she is holding within her.

However, she soon makes a comeback, adding to everyone’s joy. Over ten years ago, the DJ received an esophageal cancer diagnosis. She made the decision to keep the turntable spinning ever since by seizing every chance life presented.

2011 saw Patty get her first diagnosis, and she chose not to undergo chemotherapy. The musician, though, has had a total of five operations. Three of them were important.

The DJ admitted to Rappler in August of last year that she was having her symptoms more regularly.

She also learned that her high-grade malignant cells will begin to transfer to a new place, giving her just five to eight years to live.

Update on Patty Tiu’s Health

Her stomach has a gastronomy tube, which aids her in obtaining her daily nutritional needs.

The DJ disclosed in the same interview that she is now unable to eat solid meals and instead consumes soft foods that are mostly liquidized. Tiu said that she often feels lightheaded and has persistent chest and stomach discomfort. in addition to passing blood.

because she had cancer when she was 22 years old. Because she didn’t want to lose her mobility, she chose against going the radiological route.

“I saw the fact that I had already been granted this second life as a gift. This is the extent of my abilities in my second life. I don’t want to burden the people I care about by needing therapies or even a second opinion,” Patty told the outlet.

The retired Patty Tiu

The DJ claimed she intended to spend her final days working to make the world a better place in a touching goodbye statement that she posted on her Facebook page.

She stated in the message, “My body can’t handle it anymore. Patty stated she had to choose, even though she wanted to retain it all. The DJ claimed to have accomplished everything, including her goals for her DJ career.

The musician said, “It’s time to answer her more important calling.” The 33-year-old said she would devote her remaining time to causes that would transform whole societies, local communities, and even the world.

The youth had returned to Patty Tiu. Due to harsh bullying from her peers, she made an attempt on her life. According to reports, she battled with loneliness and yearned to fit in and be loved.

The phrase continues, “The petals most bruised are the most fragrant.” Let’s hope Petty Tiu will share her experience and assist other individuals who are in need.

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