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Pavel Antov | Death: Russian Philanthropist Found Death

Pavel Antov

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Pavel Antov party colleague Vladimir Budanov unexpectedly died in a guesthouse in Rayagada, Odisha, two days before Pavel Antov did.

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Odisha Police had no explanation for the deaths of two Russian tourists. According to reports, a multi-millionaire who was on holiday in the Rayagada region of Odisha died after falling from the third storey of the hotel he was staying in.

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Vice-President of the Regional Parliament Vyacheslav Kartukhin announced the demise of their colleague, philanthropist and prosperous businessman Pavel Antov, on the Telegram channel. He conveyed the MPs of the United Russia faction’s deepest condolences to the surviving family members.

According to Jitendra Singh, a Russian tour guide, who revealed this in an exclusive interview, the four had arrived to stay at the Rayagada hotel. One of them was an unwell 61-year-old man named B Vladimir. The next morning, when they went to his room, they found him dead.

Death of Pavel Antov: What Became of Him?

Pavel Antov, a Russian legislator and philanthropist, was reportedly found dead in an Indian hotel, according to TASS.

In the Odisha region of Rayagada, the multi-millionaire was touring and commemorating his 65th birthday. According to the Police, he was found dead after allegedly jumping out of a hotel window on the third level.

On December 21, four Russian tourists—including Vladimir and Antov—visited Daringbadi in the Kandhamal district before checking into the hotel. Four people arrived to check into a hotel in Rayagada on December 21. B Vladimir went away early on December 22.

He had a heart attack, it was discovered during the post-mortem. His friend Pavel Antonov suffered from depression after his death, and he passed dead on December 25.

Was Pavel Antov’s Death Related to the Fact That He Criticized Putin?

It is interesting to note that Pavel Antov, a Russian lawmaker, recently released a statement denouncing Russian aggression towards Ukraine but afterwards deleted it.

According to various accounts, Antov recently opposed Russian attacks on Ukraine in a message but afterwards withdrew the criticism. He died after falling from his hotel’s third floor two days after his fellow travel companion was discovered there dead.

On Saturday, Pavel Antov’s 65-year-old body was found outside the hotel. The police say they think he killed himself because he was allegedly depressed at the passing of his friend.

Update on the Pavel Antov case: Was He Murdered?

The two days before deaths of two of its people at the same hotel in the state, the Odisha Police have not yet uncovered any criminal connections, according to a statement made today by the Russian embassy in India.

Local media claims that Pavel Antov and Vladimir Bidenov died two days apart at the same hotel in the Rayagada region of Odisha. Given that critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin have also perished in a similar manner in Russia, this has led to suspicions of a hit job.

The news outlet PTI cited a senior police officer as saying that Pavel Antov’s death appeared to be a suicide.

Pavel was saddened by the loss of his friend, he admitted. Two more group members were asked to keep their distance and assist with the inquiry at the officer’s request.

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