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Emma Lovell | Murdered By Two Teenagers, The Suspect Now

Emma Lovell

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Due to Emma Lovell murder, her family has suffered the tragic loss of their beloved mother and wife.

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Two adolescents were charged with murder after a woman was discovered dead on Boxing Day at her Queensland home.

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Emma Lovell, 41, was allegedly stabbed on Monday at 11.30 p.m. while defending herself from two intruders at her home in North Lakes, Moreton Bay, which is north of Brisbane.

Two 17-year-old males, one from Holland Park and the other from Zillmere, have been charged with one count each of murder, attempted murder, and entering a dwelling with purpose in Company.

Two Teenagers Murdered Emma Lovell

Everyone has been shocked by the death of Emma Lovell, who was killed by two adolescent guys.

Two adolescents have been charged with murder after Emma Lovell, 41, died during an alleged home invasion in North Lakes, north of Brisbane.

According to superintendent John Hallam, on Boxing Day at around 11.30 p.m., two trespassers are claimed to have disturbed a couple in their 40s inside their property in North Lakes, near Moreton Bay.

A mother-of-two called Emma Lovell was stabbed in the chest during a fight, according to information given to the Police.

Lovell was confirmed dead at the hospital when the paramedics arrived and attempted to revive her.

What happened to the husband of Emma Lovell?

Lovell’s 43-year-old husband Lee was hurt in the back, but it wasn’t life threatening. On Tuesday morning, paramedics reported that his condition was critical but stable.

Superintendent John Hallam claimed that they were protecting their residence. He said that the pair had been awakened by yapping dogs. He claimed that despite the fact that two alleged intruders fled the scene, the Police dog team managed to capture them at a neighboring house.

There are no known ties between the inmates and the victims, Hallam continued. Investigations into the injury’s circumstances and the weapon are ongoing.

He asserted that the family had been shocked and torn apart by the deaths of their mother and wife. Additionally, the entire community is in sorrow.

Queensland’s minister for juvenile justice, Leanne Linard, referred to incident as “an absolute tragedy.”

According to the family’s campaign, Emma left behind her husband Lee and two daughters who are currently coping with the devastating loss of their cherished mother and wife.

Where is the suspect currently?

The suspects, both 17, were allegedly charged with murder, attempted murder, and breaking and entering during the alleged Boxing Day home invasion, according to Queensland Police.

After being turned down for police bail, both are expected to appear in the Brisbane Children’s Court. Two 16 and 17-year-old lads are helping the police with their investigations.

The 41-year-old woman was given medical attention, but she passed away immediately. Two teenagers, both 17 years old, were charged with murder, attempted homicide, and breaking late on Tuesday, according to Queensland Police.

According to a Police spokeswoman, the two 17-year-old lads, one from Holland Park and the other from Zillmere, have each been charged with one crime of murder, one count of attempted murder, and one count of purposefully breaking into a home.

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