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Robert Maaser Had Won 14 World Champion Titles In Wheel Gymnastics

Robert Maaser

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A well-known German stuntman, actor, and producer are named Robert Maaser. In the sport of wheel gymnastics, commonly known in German as Rhönrad, he has also won more than 50 national titles, two World Cup victories, and 14 World Champion titles.

Husband, Married

Robert is a parent and a husband. His attractive wife Melisa Maaser is his wife. Melisa is a well-known actress well known for her role in the upcoming movie Out for Vengeance.

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She also works as a hairdresser and a makeup artist. Their nuptials took place on August 6, 2016. Here is a beautiful picture Melisa uploaded on Instagram of Robert and his wife as bride and groom on their wedding day with the caption, “I married my life’s love.”

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It is uncertain how exactly the couple met and how their relationship started. On May 3, 2016, Melisa shared a picture of Robert down on one knee, holding a ring, and asking her to marry him. They later got engaged.

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The couple recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl, whose photo Melisa shared on Instagram along with the caption “It was the sweetest thing that ever happened to me.” The relationship Robert has with his fiancée and daughter is wonderful. Melisa hasn’t heard anything about Robert’s girlfriend or previous relationships.

The net worth of Robert Maaser in 2022

As of November 2022, Robert Maaser’s net worth was estimated to be around $9 million. He acquired this wealth by performing stunts and appearing in many movies.

In Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, he played a supporting role in his debut acting job after starting his career as a stuntman. Tom Cruise, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, David Ellison, Don Granger, and Dana Goldberg were the main actors in the movie.

The film was written, filmed, and produced by Christopher McQuarrie, a screenwriter, director, and producer who frequently uses Tom Cruise in pivotal parts. Robert was asked to participate in several new projects after the success of his first film, and he has done so. He was forced to seek an acting career, and he is doing so excellently.

Additionally, he has made appearances in various TV programs. Examples include Alarm for Cobra 11 (2018), Everything that counts (2017), Sense8 (2017), Good times, bad times (2014), and SOKO Cologne (2019). He is most known for playing the intense and manly athlete Tim Hayer in the television series Everything That Matters.

Robert Maaser has also done modeling work, showing up in commercials for brands like Adidas, Samsung, High5, Hyundai, McFit, and Sloggi, to name a few. He is also a weightlifter, a CrossFit athlete, and a MyProtein Ambassador. He applied Germany’s Got Talent, however, he withdrew in the semifinals.

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