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Robert Telles

Robert Telles

Robert Telles is an American attorney, public administrator, and current murderer who was born in 1977 and is now 45 years old. Since the year 2019, Robert has worked as a Clark County Public Administrative in Nevada.

Who is Robert Telles?

His contract called for him to hold this position through January 2, 2023. However, everything has changed as a result of his arrest on murder charges against a journalist.

Robert failed to win reelection to his position as Clark County Public Administrator in Nevada on June 14, 2022. He is currently being prosecuted for September 3, 2022, murder of Mr. Jeff German, an American Investigative reporter, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is the Net Worth of Robert Telles? Salary, Earnings

Robert Telles worked a variety of odd jobs during his difficult times to establish his financial stability. He had an USD 850k net worth before his tragic arrest.

Where was Robert Telles? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Robert Telles was detained on September 7, 2022, even though he is still officially receiving compensation for his work as the public administrator for Clark County.

He was charged with the murder of journalist Jeff German, who used to criticize him in publications. Rob arrived smiling when he was brought before the Clark County Court Judge. He was charged with murder by the prosecutor.

He is facing charges for lying about waiting outside Jeff German’s house on September 2, 2022, before stabbing the journalist. In court, the prosecution claimed that Robert deliberately killed Jeff German.

On September 12, 2022, Robert Telles requested an extension of time from the court and retained Travis Shelter as his defense attorney. Telles will return to court on September 20, 2022.

A DNA sample from Jeff German’s fingernails was discovered during the investigation into the murder case. Later, when these samples were compared to Telles’ DNA, an arrest warrant for him was issued.

When police checked the nearby CCTV cameras on September 3, 2022, a man was seen wearing the same Straw Hat and Grey sneakers close to Jeff’s house.

Right now, the media does not have access to a lot of information about Robert Telles’s upbringing. He was a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, and we learned that he was born in 1977. He finished his education and schooling while residing in Nevada.

According to Robert’s LinkedIn profile, he earned his Juris Doctor from the Williams S. Boyd School of Law at the University of Nevada–Las Vegas in 2014. His time at Cathedral High School came to an end in 1995. He engaged in a variety of volunteer activities when he was younger.

Robert Telles, an attorney, is a true American. His proud American parents gave him a white ethnicity, which he now identifies with. Robert, who was born in America, remained a part of the Las Vegas community.

When he ran for office, he claimed that every senior Las Vegas resident was like his parents. Every person was treated by him as his brother or sister. However, nobody is aware that a person with such brilliant reasoning would murder 69-year-old journalist Jeff German.

Is Robert Telles Married? Relationship

Since they both got married, Robert Telles’ wife Mae Ismael has continued to be his supporter. Robert has frequently been seen promoting his election campaigns with Mae Ismael.

Robert’s wife is a lovely and smart woman. Robert and Mae Ismael have three children together. They have one son and two daughters. Olivia Telles is the name of his only child. Jake Telles, his son, was born on November 12, 2005, and bears his father’s name.

In one of his previous articles for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jeff German claimed that Robert and Roberta Lee-Kennett was having an inappropriate relationship. Roberta coordinates estates and is also married.

How did Robert Telles start his Professional Career?

Robert Telles started his career by gaining experience in a variety of fields. Robert Telles previously managed his small business. He has also held a supervisory position in the private sector. He possesses strong management abilities.

As a lawyer, he has a thorough understanding of the law and has successfully handled numerous challenging legal issues in Probate (Will) cases.

Robert Telles has maintained connections with NGOs and other non-profit organizations as a volunteer. Robert Telles joined Olive Crest and Rotary International as a volunteer in 2013. He started working as a member of Olive Crest’s board of trustees in 2016. He was appointed Committee Chair at the Clar County Bar Association that same year.

Robert Telles served as President of the Latino Bar Association and a Board Member of the Las Vegas Rotary Club before his arrest. He prevailed in the 2019 race for Clark County Public Administrator.

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