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Scott Mcgillivray Children | Meet Layla And Myah, Wife And Family

Scott Mcgillivray

Scott McGillivray is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, television personality, author, and educator best known for hosting and executive producing HGTV Canada’s home restoration show “Income Property.” The program helps people build money by renting out part of their house.

He also hosted and appeared on “Moving the McGillivrays,” “Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray,” “Vacation House Rules,” and “Renovation Resort”. He and Sabrina McGillivray have two kids. They split time between Toronto and Fort Myers.

Meet Scott Mcgillivray’s Children: Layla And Myah

Scott McGillivray, a famous TV personality and real estate investor, is a devoted father to Layla and Myah. Layla, 10, was born in October 2013, and Myah, 11, was born in January 2012. He and his wife, Sabrina, like their parenting roles and value their time with their kids.

His family life is often shown on social media, showing viewers his relationship with Layla and Myah. As a parent, he emphasizes family and fosters his daughters. Keeping Layla and Myah happy and healthy is Scott and Sabrina’s top concern. His great job and dedication to his family show that he is a caring father to Layla and Myah.

Scott Mcgillivray Wife: Sabrina McGillivray

Scott McGillivray’s wife Sabrina has been crucial to his personal and professional life. Sabrina met Scott on vacation and became closer. They married in June 2009 in a wonderful wedding. Sabrina loves and supports her hubby throughout their trip.

She first resisted appearing on his HGTV shows and letting cameras inside their house, but his charm and trust convinced her. Sabrina has supported her two kids, Myah and Layla, despite his hectic job. Sabrina, a teacher and wife, posts about her family on social media. He frequently praises Sabrina’s parenting and great impact on their children. Their solid connection fosters a caring home for their family.

Scott Mcgillivray Family

Scott McGillivray is a successful TV host, real estate investor, and family man. He values his duty as a father and appreciates every time with his girls. He posts pictures of their happy times on social media to show their family’s affection. His family loves and supports him and inspires him professionally.

They have been featured on HGTV shows with him, showing their togetherness and the value of house and family. Ultimately, Scott McGillivray’s family brings him joy, love, and inspiration. Their closeness and shared experiences affect his life and career.

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