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Sophie De Stempel | Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship, Career

Sophie De Stempel

Sophie De Stempel is the bereaved spouse of Ian Holm, a late British actor. Self-taught artist Sophie De Stempel predominantly employs watercolor. As a protégé of Lucian Freud, he regarded her as an inspiration for his own life.

What is the Net Worth of Sophie De Stempel? Salary, Earnings

It remains premature to determine the exact monetary value of Sophie at this time. It was estimated that Sir Ian Holm had a net worth of USD 10 million before his passing in 2020.

Where was Sophie De Stempel born? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Sophie De Stempel, who was born in 1960, will turn 61 years old in 2019. Sophie was born in the United Kingdom in the tiny town of Hythe.

The identities of Sophie’s parents, siblings, and other family members remain unknown to them. Sophie, as per her academic record, completed her studies in painting at the City and Guild School of Art.

Sophie has visited Spain and France during her excursions. She also resided in Morocco for four years. Sophie remained at each of these locations to create her paintings.

Quick Facts

Full NameSophie De Stempel
Profession:Artist, Former Life Model, Celebrity wife of Sir Ian Holm
Country:United Kingdom
Height:5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Marital Status:widow
HusbandSir Ian Holm CBE
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlaceHythe
EducationCity and Guild School of Art
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Is Sophie De Stempel Married? Relationship

<p>Sophie De Stempel, the widow of Ian Holm, wed him in 2003; he passed away in 2010. Sophie and Ian did not have any biological offspring, despite their extended courtship.

Concerning his previous unions and offspring, Ian Holm entered into matrimony with Lynn Mary Shaw in 1955 until their dissolution in 1965; the couple shared two children. Lynn and Ian have produced two offspring.

<p>Sophie de Stempel and her late spouse, Sir Ian Holm, are scheduled to take part in the Newport Beach Film Festival’s 6th Annual UK Honours. The author of this report is David M. Benett.

How tall is Sophie De Stempel? Weight, Hair Color

<p>Sophie De Stempel, who is 153 centimeters (5.0 feet 4 inches) tall, weighs 55 kilograms (123 pounds). Unknown are Sophie’s additional physical dimensions, including her dress and shoe sizes, chest-to-hip ratio, and so forth. Blue eyes and blonde tresses characterize Sophie.

How did Sophie De Stempel start her Professional Career?

An analogous assessment can be made regarding Ian Baker, who entered into matrimony with Sophie Baker in 1982 and subsequently divorced her in 1986.

The couple has one child together. Ian and Penelope Wilton were wed in 1991; however, their union was annulled in 2002. Conversely, Ian and Penelope are childless (individually). Additionally, he and Bee Gilbert share two children. Ian and Bee were wed for fifteen years.

The spouse of Sophie arrived at a London hospital on June 19, 2020, where he died. Ian passed away at the age of 88.

Before his demise, Ian received a prognosis of prostate cancer. Additionally, Parkinson’s disease was identified as a concern for the deceased actor.

During her free time, Sophie De Stempel pursues an artistic career. Following her graduation from the City and Guild School of Art, Sophie spent eight years working under Lucian Freud.

As a live model, this British painter and draftsman’s protégé collaborated with Sigmund Freud. During the cocktail reception that preceded the dinner in February 2011, Sophie  and Sir Ian Holm were photographed in connection with the exhibition “Brian Clarke Works On Paper 1969-2011.”

The author of this report is Dave M. Benett. Sophie was exhibited in collaboration with Pippa Houldsworth and Rebecca Hossack at the Albemarle Gallery. Additionally, the artist has organized combined exhibitions in collaboration with curators at the Sigmund Freud Museum.

Sophie and her late spouse, Sir Ian Holm, will be in attendance at the Newport Beach Film Festival 6th Annual UK Honours in January 2020. (As cited in David M. Benett)

She occasionally employs memory as well as observed subjects when drawing and painting. She strives, on average, to incorporate every detail possible into a solitary photograph.

Obtaining an original and unexpected reply is her objective when she engages in this activity. Drawing is her preferred medium for painting and drawing, per an interview.

She claims that writing is the origin of numerous things, including concepts and even films. Sophie has been captivated by the artistic processes of sketching and printmaking ever since her childhood. She initially views them as an opportunity to gain knowledge about the manufacturing process and to begin painting.

Sophie, the spouse of Sir Ian Holm Cuthbert CBE, is a renowned public figure in her own right. Ian Holm, an active member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in the United Kingdom, rose to prominence as a performer.

Long and prosperous in the film industry, Sophie’s late spouse was a prominent figure. Throughout his tenure, this actor has appeared in a multitude of supporting and leading roles.

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