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Steve Wright Ends His Afternoon Broadcast On BBC Radio 2

Steve Wright

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After 23 years as a staple in the weekday lineups of BBC Radio 2, Steve Wright has ceased production of his final daily broadcast.

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On Friday’s final episode of Steve Wright in the Afternoon, the DJ gave a moving speech.

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“I want to thank you for your appreciation, our most devoted and smashing listener, for all the reaction and all the kind things,” he stated.

He emphasized that his Sunday morning show will continue and that he was not retiring.

In addition, Wright will debut his Serious Jockin podcast on November 4 and host special programming for holidays including National Album Day on October 15 and Christmas.

“A small amount of light alleviation”

He said,

“Thank you if you’ve ever found your way to listening to us over the course of 23 years at any moment. “Thank you once more, and again, and again.

“Even though it sounds corny, I actually like how we’ve all worked together to overcome some of our recurring issues, such as the pandemic, financial crises, and the ups and downs of living in the UK. For everyone, it has occasionally been really difficult.

“On this program, [we] sought to provide a tiny bit of comic relief, a warm and welcoming ambiance, uplifting music, stimulating conversation, and a tiny amount of satire. We sought to differentiate the program and simply be pleasant company. I can only hope that we have occasionally done that.

“I don’t want to be too self-indulgent since I’m well aware that there are other things to consider besides a radio show coming to an end. Also, I would like to acknowledge the show’s longevity and success while announcing that I will not be leaving the role.”

The 68-year-old said the head of Radio 2 had told him she wanted to do “something different” in his slot when the end of his “big show” was announced in July. He stated: “It’s alright. I recognize that.”

Later this year, former Radio 1 anchor Scott Mills will take over Radio 2’s 14:00–16:00 time slot, with drivetime presenter Sara Cox’s show moving from its current 17:00–16:00 start time.

Wright stated: “I know I’ve been extremely lucky to do this work and have never taken it for granted” in a statement posted on the Radio 2 website.

He laughed: “The rumor that I’m going to start my artisan bakery is untrue, and I’ve turned down opportunities to start my nail salon twice. It’s all good, then.

“When Scott Mills and Sara Cox take over the afternoons, please pay attention to them. They are both excellent broadcasters, and I sincerely hope they have success whenever they begin.”

Steve Wright in the Afternoon, the original iteration of which premiered on Radio 1 in 1981, helped pioneer the “zoo” format in the UK by bringing energy, humor, and his trusty posse to the program.

From 1994 to 1995, he switched from afternoons to the breakfast time slot. The following year, he joined Radio 2, starting on Saturday mornings before bringing back Steve Wright in the Afternoon in 1999.

The final episode on Friday featured a series of unique factoids about Steve Wright in the Afternoon in addition to his regular features, which included his “factoids,” which list odd facts.

Wright’s former Radio 1 coworker Nicky Campbell previously paid him tribute on his Radio 5 Live program, calling him a “proper genius” of radio.

Just getting to know him and seeing him at work, according to Campbell, was extraordinary. “He is a master communicator as well as a conjurer, magician, and high-wire artist. He is a radio genius, and I’ll say it again, he will always be a radio hero.”

To say goodbye to Wright’s daily show, other friends and well-known fans gathered in line.

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