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Brothers And Sisters Does Vicente Fernandez Have

Vicente Fernandez

Maria del Refugio and Teresa were the singer Vicente Fernandez’s sisters. His sisters are both musicians.

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Film producer, actor, musician, and songwriter Fernandez is also. In the entertainment business, he went by a new moniker. La Voz de Mexico, El Charro de Huentitán, Chente, El Dolo de Mexico, and El Rey de la Msica Ranchera are some of the singer’s other stage names.

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As a performer, Fernandez started his career in the entertainment industry. He used to busk in public places as a performer. The singer kept up his profession and became a significant cultural figure. More than 100 albums by the performer were released. Even more than 30 films included the artist.

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Fernandez has won nine Latin Grammy Awards, nine Grammys, and Lo Nuestro Awards. The musician created his legendary star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On global markets, he sold more than 50 million copies. The singer is also the most popular regional Mexican performer of his time.

Children Camila, Alex, América, Valentina, and Emiliano Fernández Grandchildren Maria del Refugio and Teresa Sisters

Vicente Fernandez Mary del Refuge Then Teresa

Vicente Fernandez’s parents gave him two siblings. The singer’s sisters are Teresa and Maria del Refugio. On February 17, 1940, he was born in Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. The singer’s mother and father raised him in the village.

The musician used to contact his sister when he used plasticine to create a ranch, cows, and roads. Mara del Refugio’s brother used to make him envious, and the two were close.

The singer got his first guitar at age 8. In his early years, Fernandez started taking guitar lessons. Even at that time, the vocalist was studying flok music. The singer relocated to Tijuana with his family after finishing elementary school. The vocalist had a varied career before entering the music industry.

He worked as a cabinetmaker, painter, and bricklayer as a young man named Fernandez. Additionally, the vocalist liked to listen to the sand song while at work. As a result, he received numerous job offers from construction firms. The singer was then hired to work as a cashier in his uncle’s restaurant.

At the age of 14, Fernandez began performing in restaurants and weddings. The vocalist even joined a Mariachi band, which plays traditional Mexican religious music. He played in the Mariachi de José Luis Aguilar and Mariachi Amanecer de Pepe Mendoza.

In the radio competition Amanecer Tapatio, Fernandez participated. The singer was consequently known to the locals. The vocalist debuted on La Calandria Musical at the age of 21 as well. It was the singer’s first paid performance, he said.

Vicente Fernandez is his parents’ lone child

The only son of his parents, Fernandez. The singer’s parents are Ramón Fernández Barba and Mara Paula Gómez Ponce. They also had three kids: Teresa, Vicente, and Maria del Refugio.

The author Olga Worman referred to Fernandez in The Last King in an unlicensed work. He was the only male in his family, and his sister and family adored him. The vocalist afterward began his career as a musician.

Vicente Fernandez Marries Maria del Refugio Abarca Village On December 27, 1963, Vicente Fernandez marries his beloved bride Maria del Refugio Abarca Villase. Additionally, Vicente’s window is the singer’s wife, a prominent figure in Mexican media. The couple got together in the early 1960s and began dating.

Fernandez’s marriage to his wife lasted for almost 60 years. Four children were welcomed even by the couple. On July 23, 1946, Maria was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. At this time, the singer’s wife is 76 years old. She is a citizen of Mexico.

Maria is a native of Mexico City and is of Latino origin. Her siblings were two. Gloria is also the sister of the singer’s husband. Alejandra was adopted by Maria from her sibling. During the birth of their first son, Vicente, the couple had a financial crisis.

Vicente was born premature but had to take him home since the singer could not pay the medical bill. In the same year, the singer lost his mother due to cancer. Afterward, the singer relocated to Mexico City for his career in the music scene.

On August 6, 2021, Fernandez had hospitalized in Guadalajara. The singer was injured and placed on a ventilator. Later, the singer recognized rapid-onset muscular weakness and started treatment on August 13.

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