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The Truth About Michael Franzese Wife And Daughters

Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese, One of the most well-known gangster figures in the world. He belonged to the Colombo crime family and earned up to $8 million per week at his most prosperous. Michael initially had no intention of joining the mob. After growing weary of the police intimidating his father, mafia lord John Franzese, he left school to join the mob.

Following his conviction on conspiracy charges in 1986, Michael fled the gang. He became a target for the crime family after leaving the gang. He acknowledges that it’s a miracle that he is still alive to recount the events of his criminal career.

Michael’s wife Camille encouraged him to abandon the gang and turn to religion

Michael Franzese
Michael Franzese With His Wife   [Source: Manchester Evening News]
On the Knights of the City set, Michael and Camille Garcia got to know one another. While Camille was one of the dancers, Franzese produced the movie. A fervent Christian from Anaheim, California, Camille was hired as a dancer after another dancer left the set to go to another job. Franzese was at the pinnacle of his criminal career at the time.

Franzese was smitten with Camille the moment he laid eyes on her. Despite accepting his invitation to go on a date, Camille never showed up. Camille didn’t find the criminal leader to be as fascinating as other girls on the set did. Michael reported Camille’s five pick-ups to The Church of The Apostles.

Camille was a devout Christian because of her mother, and she disagreed with the behavior of the cast and crew. She decided to depart the set and return to California one day. She accepted after Michael persuaded her to let him meet her family.

Michael found Camille’s mother’s fervent devotion to Christianity

Michael found Camille’s mother’s fervent devotion to Christianity to be both fascinating and alluring. She foresaw Michael preaching the gospel to millions of people one day. Michael’s transition from a crime lord to a servant of the Lord began with that assertion.

After Franzese won a court case that would have resulted in a sentence of more than 50 years in prison, he married Camille. Following a subsequent arrest, Michael decided to enter a plea and was given a ten-year term. During his two terms in prison, Camille assisted Franzese in strengthening his faith. It took Michael a while to embrace the faith, and she was admitted to The Church of the Apostles. Cathy remarked:

It took him ten to twelve years to finally come to terms with grace, forgiveness, and the knowledge that God’s mercy extended to him as well. I believe that was Mike’s difficult task. He was unable to accept that. Because it was a rite for him, baptism was beneficial.

One of Michael Franzese’s daughters aspired to work in law enforcement

After quitting the mob, Michael’s main concern was making sure his wife and his daughters, Julia, Amanda, and Miquelle were secure. The Church of the Apostles was told by Michael:

When I was freed from jail in 1995, the chief of the organized crime strike squad appeared on television and declared, “I wouldn’t want to be in Michael Franzese’s shoes. His life expectancy, in my opinion, is not very long. He predicted my death in a very diplomatic manner.

Although Michael didn’t sign up for witness protection, he took precautions to keep his family safe. Thankfully, neither he nor his family was harmed by the mob, and they are now enjoying a happy life.

Michael makes his living as a motivational speaker and author

Michael makes his living as a motivational speaker and author. Fitness freaks Camille and her daughters own and operate a gym. Recently, Michael revealed to DJ Vlad that Amanda had once fantasized about joining the police department, an organization that Michael spent the majority of his early years trying to avoid.

She tells her father one morning, “Dad, I want to join the police department,” he said. I was in awe. Yes, I want to do some good, she affirmed. She was fully devoted to completing it.

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