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Tim Curry Uses Wheelchair-Bound Nine Years After Having A Stroke

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Tim Curry’s performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show solidified his place as a film and stage star.

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The excellent British actor acquired the role by chance and made the most of it. His career spanned 40 years, yet no other part he portrayed garnered him the same level of adulation.

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He sought to avoid Rocky Horror for fear of being stereotyped, but he couldn’t flee his memorable performances.

After having a stroke in 2012, he felt even more grateful to Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Tim told ABC News, “It’s neither a benefit nor a curse.” “I was fortunate to acquire it.”

Tim Curry
                                 Tim Curry(Source: ABC News)

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Tim Curry is still in a wheelchair nine years after a massive stroke

Tim Curry’s health issues began in early 2011 when he backed out of a handful of theater plays due to illness. Curry had a stroke in July 2012, but it took nearly a year for the news to spread.

Tim had a stroke last July, according to his agent, Marcia Hurwitz, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “He has been doing well in physical therapy and retains his wonderful sense of humor.” He expresses gratitude to everyone who has sent him well wishes.”

Curry was anticipated to recover completely from the stroke.

“I’m doing fine,” he told Los Angeles Magazine at the 2015 Tony Awards.

Tim told the publication that keeping his sense of humor was “extremely critical” to his recuperation.

“It’s not difficult to keep,” he remarked.

“It’s just in my blood.”

Tim attended For The Love of Horror 4 in Manchester in October 2021, where he met fans. Tim is still in a wheelchair, according to photos from the event.

Curry appears to be unwell, but he hasn’t lost his zest for life. Tim Curry News quotes Tim as saying, “I tend to look on the bright side of life.”

“I try to look on the bright side of life because I think looking on the gloomy side of life is boring and tedious, and you’re no joy to be around.” And I believe that is everyone’s own responsibility.”

Curry has reduced his public appearances following a stroke

Following a stroke, Tim Curry steadily curtailed his public appearances. He also began doing voice work and singing engagements.

He attended the Tony Awards in 2015 to get his lifetime achievement award. According to Los Angeles Magazine, the organization honored him for his distinguished career:

“It simply sorts of confirms the kind of employment that the American acting community has offered me for years.” I believe it’s incredibly kind of them. I was overjoyed when they informed me, and I am overjoyed now.”

Tim attended a Democratic Party of Wisconsin fundraising gathering five years later. At the event, he and other members of The Rocky Horror Show performed the original script.

The event took place just days before America elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Ben Wikler stated:

“For decades, Rocky Horror has changed lives, and now, with this reunion on Halloween Night to supercharge Wisconsin Democrats in the last stretch, it’s going to alter the world again.”

This classic musical’s joy, humor, and funny, outrageous energy will motivate new volunteers and raise donations to deliver Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.”

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