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Tony Blackburn Illness And Health Update: Why He Is Not On Radio 2 Today?

Tony Blackburn

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Many of Tony Blackburn’s loyal admirers have lately looked into his ailment. So let’s find out more about the TV host’s current state of health and disease.

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Tony Blackburn is an English radio host and television broadcaster who was born in Guildford, Surrey, England on January 29, 1943.

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His career as a DJ on BBC Radio 1, where he hosted the Breakfast Show from 1967 to 1973 and then again from 1974 to 1984, is what made him most famous.

Tony originally gained notoriety in the 1960s as the presenter of the BBC Light Programme on the pay stations Radio Caroline and Radio London before he joined the BBC.

He was the first disc jockey to ever broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on September 30, 1967.

Apart from his employment in radio, Blackburn has also presented many TV shows and pursued a career in music.

In addition, the TV host has received other accolades in recognition of his services to the entertainment sector. He is still active in the radio industry and is recognized as one of the most recognizable and significant DJs in British radio history.

Update On Tony Blackburn’s Health And Illness: Why Is He Not On Radio 2 Today?

Tony Blackburn’s followers were worried when he did not show up on his BBC Radio 2 show today. The 80-year-old usually broadcasts Sounds of the 60s from 6 to 8 a.m. on Saturdays.

However, Tony, a previous campmate on I’m a Celebrity, disclosed on March 10th that he will be missing the season due to sickness.

Due to an illness that was taking a long time to heal, he tweeted that he would not be hosting any of his concerts this weekend.

“You can hear my special “Happy Birthday program” on Sounds Of The Sixties tomorrow, and on Sunday, March 12th, there will be a recorded Golden Hour,” the presenter said. Have fun this weekend.

As well wishes poured in from the crowd, one admirer wrote: “Tony is working too hard! Take caution and be well soon.

Another person replied, “Get well soon, Tony; you’re a special part of our lives.”

Nevertheless, we’re hoping the host will get well quickly from the infection and return to our TV screens to dazzle everyone.

In addition, it’s important to remember that Blackburn has always been positive and enthusiastic about his rehabilitation and has been upfront about his previous health issues.

An Examination of Tony Blackburn’s Private Life

In Guildford, Surrey, the English disc jockey was welcomed into the world by his parents, Kenneth Fleming Blackburn and Pauline Cubitt (née Stone).

His mother was a nurse, but his father worked as a general practitioner. After his family relocated to Poole, Dorset, Jacqueline, his younger sister, was born there.

Regretfully, his younger sister had polio at birth, leaving her unable to move or stand.

Tony also picked up the guitar and drums at an early age and has a lifelong passion for music. He started playing in local bands and doing performances at dance halls and clubs while he was in his late teens.

Regarding his romantic history, Blackburn has been married twice. After four years, he and actress Tessa Wyatt’s first marriage ended in divorce. Simon, the ex-couple’s kid, was born on April 8th, 1973.

Later, in June 1992, he wed Debbie, his lifelong companion. The wife of Tony Blackburn works as a theater agent.

The couple’s two children from their marriage are Victoria, a girl, and Simon, a boy. In addition to being a dedicated and caring father, the DJ is also a loving grandpa of two.

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