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Nicole Taffer

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American reality television personality Nicole Taffer is well-known worldwide. She became well-known after participating in the reality program “Bar Rescue.” Being the wife of businessman and TV celebrity Jon Taffer has made her well renowned.

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Gross Value

She has a huge net worth because she is a businessman’s wife. As of December 2022, the husband of Nicole Taffer is worth ten million dollars. Her husband is the owner of several bars worldwide. The CEO of Taffer Dynamic Inc. is Jon Taffer.

He offers consultancy services to the restaurant, hospitality, and bar sectors. She leads a lavish lifestyle. She participates in numerous philanthropic initiatives as well. Nicole enjoys dogs and keeps a number of them as pets. She makes use of social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Couples’ Life

He has married her twice. The couple got hitched on April 4, 2000. Despite having a 19-year age gap, the pair have been married for 20 years and maintain a happy relationship. Her husband posted a lovely picture of their dinner date on April 5, 2019, in which they were dining out to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.

Her Spouse

Jonathan Peter Taffer is the full name of Jon Taffer, who is best known for being the host of the hit reality program “Bar Rescue.” He was born on November 7, 1954, in Great Neck, New York, to businesspeople.

He became a citizen of the US through naturalization. In his business endeavors, Jon has achieved great success. He writes as well. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall as well. His wiki makes no mention of his first spouse. He has one daughter from his first marriage.

The Wedding of Her Stepdaughter

She doesn’t have any biological children with her husband Jon, but she does have a stepdaughter. She is Samantha Taffer. They are very close to one another. She is already married, and her husband’s name is Cody Hanley.

She wished her daughter and her husband a long and happy marriage and posted a beautiful snapshot of them on their wedding day on September 13, 2015. A newborn boy had already been born to Samantha and Cody. They welcomed their first kid on May 21, 2019. His name is Rhett Hanley.

Reported Death

She has made multiple appearances on the reality program “Bar Rescue.” The show’s viewers favored her character. But in 2013 she abruptly stopped acting and hasn’t since. Then came the query as to whether she was still alive. Then word spread that she had passed away. Later, the pair revealed that everything had been a lie and that she was still alive.

With Her Loved Husband on Vacation

The couple never puts off organizing a weekend getaway or a trip to a far-off place. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Nicole and her husband have posted a lot of photos from their trip. She posted a picture of them both wearing black outfits and hugging in Paris while on vacation.

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