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Taylor Swift : Fans Scour Lavender Haze Video Teaser For Hints

Taylor Swift

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Thursday, Taylor Swift stunned her fans by announcing the premiere of a music video for her song Lavender Haze. It is from her tenth studio album Midnights, which was released last October.

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The song is the album’s second official single, but the third to have a music video.

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As with many other Swift videos, it contains a number of Easter Eggs – secret hints for fans to uncover regarding the singer’s future plans.

The video has already been examined by Swifties, who believe they have figured out which album the pop star will release next.

The 33-year-old has committed to re-recording her first six albums after reportedly selling the rights to her original masters for $300 million (£242 million).

The singer’s first record deal, with Nashville’s Big Machine Recordings, did not grant her complete control over her work, so the master recordings might be sold after the contract expired.

As a result, Swift re-recorded her second and fourth studio albums in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

Fans predict that her 2010 release, Speak Now, will be the next album to be re-recorded.

“All-encompassing love radiance”

The singer described the origin of the title Lavender Haze prior to the 2016 publication of Midnights, stating that it was inspired by the Emmy-winning television series Mad Men.

“I researched the expression because I thought it sounded cool. And it turns out that it was a widespread expression used to describe being in love in the 1950s “In an Instagram video, she stated.

She stated,

“If you’re in the ‘lavender haze,’ then you’re in that all-encompassing love glow.” And I thought that was quite lovely.

Swift continued by stating that she and many others who live in the age of social media understand what it’s like to be in love while in the limelight.

“Similar to my relationship, for the past six years we’ve had to overlook bizarre rumors and tabloid nonsense. This song is about disregarding that material to safeguard the true material “She continued.

Swift explains that storyboarding the music video for Lavender Haze helped her “conceptualize the universe and atmosphere of Midnights.”

Taylor is depicted swimming in a purple pool, and her residence is bathed in hazy lilac colors.

Swift wore a purple dress on the original album cover, which may be a clue pointing to the re-recording of the song Speak Now.

Swift’s previous music video, Bejeweled, featured a scene in which she pressed a purple button for the third floor in an elevator, possibly alluding to her third album.

It may be a tenuous connection, but another possible clue is shaped like a fish.

On her Speak Now global tour, Swift frequently played the guitar with koi carp fish painted on it, and koi fish also appear in the Bejeweled and Lavender Haze music videos.

There are numerous Easter Eggs throughout the music video that are unrelated to Speak Now but are related to Taylor Swift in general, requiring repeated viewings to understand what’s going on.

Obviously, the video has numerous Midnight-themed sequences – an alarm clock strikes midnight (and no points for guessing what time the video itself came out).

The camera turns to a stack of vinyl album covers at another point. Mastermind is the title of the thirteenth and last track on the album Midnights.

Swift’s Sagittarius star sign is aligned with her partner Joe Alwyn’s Pisces star sign on the album art for the vinyl cover.

The fish imagery observed throughout the film may possibly be a reference to the Pisces sign.

Due to the fact that she was born on December 13, the number 13 appears in practically all of Taylor Swift’s music videos.

In a scene in the video, she is watching the weather forecast on television, and it looks to be 13 degrees in Nashville, where she resides.

As Americans use Fahrenheit rather than Celsius to gauge temperature, that would be quite chilly.

If that wasn’t enough of an Easter surprise, the weather forecast also predicts rain around midnight.

This is not the first time this week that Taylor Swift has been in the press, as her impending Eras Tour has drawn a great deal of unwelcome attention.

Ticketmaster and Live Nation were responsible for selling tickets for the tour in the United States, but system failures in November 2022 prevented thousands of fans from purchasing tickets.

Wednesday, the firm apologized to both Swift’s fans and herself, stating “we need to do better.”

It follows the consumer rights committee of the US Senate opening a probe against Ticketmaster.

Politicians and fans have contended that the corporation, which sells 70 percent of tickets in the United States, has an excessive amount of power over the live music market.

Swift has not yet released tour dates for the United Kingdom and Europe.

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