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Was Sienna Weir Pregnant Before Death | Miss Universe Finalist Accident Details

Sienna Weir

Australian model, horsewoman, psychologist, and athlete Sienna Weir was also. She gained public attention after finishing as a finalist in the 2022 Miss Universe pageant. Weir was prepared to go to London in the next years in order to further her modeling career as well as doing quite well in her professional modeling career.

Weir was further represented by Scoop Management. She started riding horses at the age of three and has other interests than modeling. Everyone is in grief after her untimely death on May 4, 2023, and her supporters are curious to discover whether she was expecting before her death.

Was Sienna Weir expecting when she passed away?

No, before her death, Sienna Weir was not expecting a child. There were no records indicating that the model was expecting. She had also not posted anything regarding this subject on her Instagram account.

Exploring some of Weir’s Instagram photographs may have sparked rumors that she was expecting a child. There is, however, no evidence for it.

Weir, meantime, was in a committed relationship with Tom Bull, her lover. Although it’s unclear when and how they started dating, some accounts claim they were together for a considerable amount of time. Her husband Tom is likewise devastated at this awful time; he told the US Sun, “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Details of the Sienna Weir accident, a Miss Universe finalist

On May 4, 2023, Miss Universe contestant Sienna Weir died suddenly at the age of 23. On April 2, 2023, at Windsor Polo Grounds, Weir’s horse reportedly fell off while she was riding.

Sienna was taken immediately to the Westmead Hospital after the collision. Weir was on life support for two days before suffering fatal injuries. Everyone was shocked when Sienna’s death was announced, and online condolences and sympathy letters poured in.

On March 21, she published her last Instagram post, and in it, her admirers and followers paid the late model heartfelt condolences. It was written, “Rest in Paradise beautiful, so sorry I didn’t get to know you better.” The Genius Celebs crew also extends condolences to the devastated family and pays honor to the deceased’s soul.

How Much Did Sienna Weir Cost Before She Died?

As a model, Sienna Weir managed to maintain a respectable net worth. No media outlet has revealed the precise size of her riches. However, some websites said that Sienna was valued at six figures or more. Weir has undoubtedly kept a respectable sum of money from modeling.

Weir worked as a model for certain companies that undoubtedly paid her nicely. She also enjoyed participating in sports and was an avid horse rider. Weir has amassed more than 11.3k followers on Instagram, where she previously used to display her lifestyle.

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