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What Is Patti Labelle Net Worth

Patti Labelle

Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards, simply known as Patti LaBelle, is a famous American actress, author, singer, and songwriter, as well as a film score composer. In the 1960s, Patti LaBelle was best known as a lead singer of a female group called “Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells”, also known as “LaBelle”. The group, initially consisting of Nona Hendryx, Patti LaBelle, and Sarah Dash, rose to prominence with such hit songs as “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “Over the Rainbow” and “Down the Aisle”. When their former member Cindy Birdsong left the group and became a part of “The Supremes”, “Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells” changed their name to “LaBelle”, and adopted a different music style, namely glam rock.

Around the same time, the group released the “Nightbirds” album, which featured one of their most popular singles called “Lady Marmalade”. Upon its release, the song topped the music charts and inspired numerous covers, the most notable of which was performed by Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Pink in 2001. In addition to being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, “Lady Marmalade” was later featured among the “Top 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, where it placed at #479. “LaBelle” disbanded in 1977, after which most of its members managed to launch successful solo careers. However, more than three decades later, “LaBelle” returned to the music industry with the release of “Back to Now” studio album, which signified a group’s reunion.

Patti LaBelle Net Worth $50 Million

The lead singer of “LaBelle”, how rich is Patti LaBelle? According to sources, Patti LaBelle’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, and most of her wealth has come from her singing career.

Patti LaBelle was born in 1944, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even though Patti LaBelle is best known for her involvement with “LaBelle”, she has also managed to succeed as a solo artist. LaBelle launched her solo career in 1977 with the release of her debut self-titled album, which featured such singles as “Dan Swit Me” and “You Are My Friend”. A commercial and critical success inspired LaBelle to continue working on her solo career. In 1978, LaBelle came out with her second studio album called “Tasty”, while in 1979 she released “It’s Alright with Me”.

Aside from music, Patti LaBelle ventured into acting, and had her first role in a 1984 drama film directed by Norman Jewison entitled “A Soldier’s Story”. Several years later, LaBelle co-starred alongside Lorraine Bracco and Peter Dobson in Richard J. Baskin’s film called “Sing”. In addition to films, Patti LaBelle was a guest star on various television shows, including “A Different World” created by Bill Cosby, “The Nanny” starring Fran Drescher and Daniel Davis, “All of Us”, and “The Dog Whisperer” to name a few. More recently, Patti LaBelle made an appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s “Oprah’s Next Chapter” show, while in 2014, she played the role of Dora in a horror anthology series entitled “American Horror Story: Freak Show”.

A well-known singer, as well as an actress, Patti LaBelle has an estimated net worth of $50 million.