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What Is Steelo Brim Net Worth?

Steelo Brim

Steelo Brim was born Sterling Brim on 5 June 1988 in Chicago, Illinois USA. He is a TV personality, actor, and host, best known for his role in co-hosting ‘Ridiculousness,’ an MTV show. He landed a small role in ‘Hardball,’ a 2001 film, at a very young age. He has also appeared in other films such as ‘Wild Grinders’ and ‘Rob Drydrek’s Fantasy.’

Do you want to know how rich Steelo Brim is, as of early 2016? Although Steelo Brim is relatively young, he has managed to work hard and earn himself a serious fortune. It is estimated that his net worth is more than $1 million. He has acquired his wealth as a TV personality, particularly by hosting MTV’s show ‘Ridiculousness.’ He has also worked for several radio stations and is now the executive producer of the MTV series.

Steelo Brim Net Worth $1 Million

Steelo Brim was born into a religious family, with both his parents being pastors. Although he grew up in the city of Chicago, Brim decided to move to Los Angeles, California when he was just 19 in pursuit of success in the music industry. He began working for radio stations, earning himself a position as an A&R executive. In 2001, he was featured in a film called ‘Hardball,’ which provided him with a platform to prove his skills and rise to fame. His role saw him receive other offers, and in 2009 he was given another opportunity to be featured in ‘Rob Drydrek’s Fantasy Factory.’ These appearances increased his net worth considerably, and to date, he has been involved in five films in total, including performing a voice-over as Meaty in “Wild Grinders”.

In 2011, Steelo was invited to host an MTV show called “Ridiculous”, which has perhaps been his greatest accomplishment since moving to Los Angeles. The show presents online viral videos that involve failed stunts. It is already in its seventh season and has become very popular in the US and overseas. He is paid well for his appearances in the show, which is now the main origin of his net worth.

When it comes to Steelo Brim’s personal life, he is a very secretive individual, and not much information is available out there about any relationships. However, some sources say that he is single and focuses solely on his career for now. He is very active on social sites such as Twitter and Instagram, having more than 340,000 and 800,000 followers respectively. Steelo has had his share of challenges in his career, especially when he made headlines, being accused of assaulting Mary Jean, an industry actress.