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Who Are Richard Okorogheye Parents | Mother Evidence Joel and Father Newton Okorogheye

Richard Okorogheye

In his first year at Oxford Brookes University, Richard Okorogheye was a student. He was a Cyber Security program student studying computer science. The little child made national news when he vanished from his West London home on March 22, 2021, but police only complained on March 23. Sadly, Richard’s corpse was discovered on April 5 in a pond in Epping Forest. According to rumors, the police agency didn’t treat the missing person’s case properly.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct was permitted to apologize by the Metropolitan Police, but Richard’s mother steadfastly refused to accept the apology. She lamented the lack of disciplinary action against the three policemen and three staff employees who were involved in the event.

Who Are the Parents of Richard Okorogheye? Evidence Newton and Joel Okorogheye

Evidence Richard Okorogheye, who passed away, was raised by Joel and Newton Okorogheye. Richard had a tight relationship with his mother, Evidence, and his parents. Richard was the only child and only sibling of his parents. The Okorogheye family was devastated to learn of their son’s loss. Richard’s mother has spoken out against the police for failing to investigate the disappearance of her son. Newton and Evidence attacked the Police’s handling of the investigation, saying they weren’t given enough credit when he vanished.

Mom of Richard Okorogheye: Joel’s Tribute to Her Son

Evidence Joel, the mother of Richard Okorogheye, recently made an appearance on Good Morning Britain and paid a moving homage to her son. Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, the presenters, asked Joel about the grief of losing her kid. The Police’s failure to take her son’s disappearance seriously raises questions about their dedication to safeguarding public safety despite their knowledge of his dangerous blood condition and sickle cell anemia.

Evidence’s son’s speech during the GMB segment on police racism was overtly emotional. Joel acknowledged that she only had one kid and that she misses him every day. During the interview, Evidence stated feeling neglected by the police because of her accent and skin tone.

Missing Information Regarding the Death of Richard Okorogheye

On March 22, 2021, a student named Richard Okorogheye vanished. As a result of his absence, the police and volunteers launched an extensive search, and his family issued many requests for information regarding his location.

Sadly, Richard’s corpse was discovered in a pond on April 5, 2021, in Epping Forest, Essex, UK, around 20 miles from his house. Official confirmation of Richard Okorogheye’s demise’s cause is pending. The post-mortem examination, according to the Metropolitan Police, discovered no signs of physical violence or assault. Although not suspicious, they are considering his death unexplained.

Sickle cell disease, which may complicate matters and limit movement, was present in Richard. Additionally, he was reported to have left his house without his phone or prescription medicine, which might have placed him in danger.

According to the Police, they don’t think anybody else was responsible for his death and disappearance. Not to add, red blood cells with sickle cell disease have different shapes and functions. Sickle cell disease is a hereditary blood illness.

In particular, it triggers the production of an aberrant type of hemoglobin, the protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. Red blood cells with this defective hemoglobin become hard and sickle-shaped instead of being round and flexible, which may result in several issues.

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