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Who Is Abby Choi Father In Law Kwong Kau? Hong Kong Model Head And Death Photo

Abby Choi

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People looked for Abby Choi’s father-in-law and her husband’s family all over the world after the horrific death news of the Hong Kong model became public.

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Kwong Kau, Abby Choi’s father-in-law, is thought to have planned the model’s murder, according to Daily Nation Pakistan.

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Three days after going missing, socialite and well-known model Abby Choi of Hong Kong was discovered killed on February 24, 2023.

The model’s severed head was discovered in a hamlet in the Tai Po district of Hong Kong.

Six persons, including Choi’s former husband, her ex-father-in-law’s purported lover, her ex-brother-in-law, her ex-parents-in-law, and a 41-year-old man, have allegedly been held by the police as suspects in her murder.

Following the public release of the Abby Choi death news, the story attracted interest from people all over the globe and was covered by international media.

Abby Choi: Mama’s boy

Her father-in-law, Abby Choi, is suspected of planning her gruesome death and disfigurement.

Two days after the model was reported missing on Wednesday, her body pieces were discovered in the refrigerator of the model’s ex-pot husband and his parents in Hong Kong.

Based on her links to the Chinese market, Choi came from a rich family and her estimated net worth was HK$100 million (£11 million).

The Standard reports that the ex-father-in-law of Abby Choi was freed on bond and is required to appear in court in late March.

Choi’s ex-husband and three family members are scheduled to appear in court on May 8. It is uncertain how the former father-in-law of Abby was able to pay more than HK$50,000 a month for housing rentals, despite reports to the contrary.

Furthermore, it was revealed by regional media outlets that Kwong Kau had hired many lawyers after being taken into custody.

Through his legal counsel, he supposedly spoke with Chris Tam, Choi’s current de facto husband, and his family in the hopes that Chris’s father would foot the bill for the legal services.

It is unclear whether Kwong Kau has found work since leaving the police force more than 10 years ago.

The investigation was delayed down by the former father-in-law of Abby Choi, a former police officer who had previously been demonstrated by the Hong Kong police to have been unhelpful after his imprisonment.

Death of Abby Choi

Following the complaint of Abby Choi missing, authorities launched an investigation. Two days later, they learned that a pair of female legs believed to be Choi’s were recovered nestled behind an apartment refrigerator.

The former father-in-law of Abby Choi had just lately leased the flat, according to the police. They further claim that the model’s whereabouts before to Choi’s kidnapping was misrepresented to police by the ex-husband of the family.

The apartment also had a meat grinder, two soup pots with human flesh inside of them, an electric saw, a hammer, face shields, and black raincoats. There were also two different cutting blades.

Anthony Kwong, Kwong Kau, and Alex Kwong were all charged with Choi’s murder on Sunday after police discovered a skull, hair, and rib bones in one of the pots removed from the residence on Friday.

The world was outraged by the gory details of the alleged murder. Authorities believe the model was assaulted inside a blood-splattered seven-seater vehicle that they seized from Kwong Kau’s home.

Choi’s hands and torso are among the body parts that have gone missing, according to the authorities, and they have not been able to find them.

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