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Who Is André Furtado From “Love Island” Season 10? Wiki & Cast

Love Island

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On Monday, June 5, 2023, ITV will premiere the tenth season of Love Island UK, featuring 10 single islanders—5 men and 5 women. One of the contestants that will enter the villa in quest of love is André Furtado.

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At age 21, Furtado is the season’s youngest male islander; the others are all older than 22. The Dudley businessman thinks of himself as polite and attractive. Additionally, he says he’ll bring language lessons to the villa and plans to impart some Creole, Portuguese, and Spanish to other islanders. According to the 22-year-old, he has “every slice of the pie.” He is positive that the girls in the Love Island villa would be drawn to him because of his ability to speak foreign languages.

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André Furtado claims that he falls “too quickly” in love

A 21-year-old business owner named André Furtado claimed on Love Island that he falls in love “too quickly, to be honest.” Continuing, he said that when he sees “beautiful ladies,” he falls in love with them right away, even before they greet him. The contestant claims that he has already begun arranging his wedding when he meets the women on the dating reality show.

André said that his perfect date would involve strawberry picking and a name-spelled-out field. He added that he would ask the girl to be his girlfriend after this and said:

Therefore, I want to plant a strawberry farm.

Only time will tell if André will find the right partner and get the chance to pop the question on Love Island. He added that “fun” is an understatement and that he has “wandering eyes”. The islander wants to be the center of attention on the ITV show.

He continued by noting that he might win the award for finest grafter and saying:

I’m sorry if I have to step on any toes, but I must tread on them.

According to André’s LinkedIn profile, Digital Voice was his idea. According to its own self-description, the company “specializes in providing high-quality, results-driven email marketing solutions that help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.” He has had his own business since 2022. Additionally, he mentioned that he works as an email marketer and graduated from Birmingham City University with a BSc in Business Economics.

English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Creole are all three of his languages. On May 14, 2023, André will turn 21 years old, according to his Instagram profile. There is nothing else posted on social media besides that. He is preparing to approach the women on Maya Jama’s Love Island season 10 in the meanwhile.

When will Love Island’s tenth season debut?

On Monday, June 5, 2023, ITVX and ITV2 will premiere the first episode of Love Island season 10. The cast also consists of André (21) and the following:

  • Ruchee Gurung (24)
  • Tyrique Hyde (24)
  • Molly Marsh (21)
  • George Fensom (24)
  • Catherine Agbaje (22)
  • Mehdi Edno (26)
  • Ella Thomas (23)
  • Mitchel Taylor (26)
  • Jess Harding (22)

The official synopsis of the UK reality TV program reads as follows:

Until they find their true love, a group of men and women engage in a series of chores with a partner they keep switching.

Following the conclusion of the winter season in March, the dating show will resume airing in the summer. On the Spanish island of Mallorca, the shooting will take place at a resort or home. Along with the ten island residents, new bombshells will visit the resort each week.

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