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Who Is Audrey Hale Brother Scott Hale | Aiden Parents And Family

Audrey Hale

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Aiden Hale was 28. On March 27, 2023, the 28-year-old shot three kids and three employees at her previous school, killing them. Illustrator and graphic designer Audrey Hale. She has a webpage. Nashville’s art school graduation. After the event, Audrey Hale and her family were searched extensively.

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Audrey Hale Brother Scott Hale Covenant School Shooting

Audrey Hale, Covenant School Shooting suspect, has one sibling. According to the source, the gunman has a brother called Scott Hale. Audrey Hale’s neighbors called her kind. The transsexual lady was close to her family. Audrey and her brother Scott appeared in several family social media posts.

Audrey and Scott Hale’s mother, Norma Hale, posted a photo on October 6, 2017. “just grateful to be the mother of these two awesome children!” Writes Norma Hale beneath the photo.

According to the photo, Hale and Scott are similar ages. Audrey Hale’s neighbors called her pious. The shooter’s ethnicity and family are unknown. Audrey Hale/Aiden Mother Norma Fort Hale, Father Ronald Hale

After Audrey Hale was linked to the shooting, her mother removed her Facebook page. According to Heavy, Norma Fort Hale has discussed gun control and school shootings in past posts. In March 2018, Aiden’s mom posted a photo “Very crucial!” and linked to the Sandy Hook Promise petition to “keep firearms out of schools.”

The suspect’s mother, Norma Hale, posted a second Sandy Hook Promise petition link to “make large-capacity gun magazines illegal” in February 2018 without explanation.

Norma Hale is a “Coordinator at The Village Chapel” and “Former Meals Ministry Coordinator & Volunteer Coordinator at The Village Chapel” on Facebook. She lives in Nashville.

She also mentioned her son’s academic progress in numerous of her famous posts. In 2019, she said, “Found this in a devotional book I loaned Audrey….#divinediscovery #perfecttimingofcourse.” Audrey’s father is Ronald Hale.

Audrey Hale Was Never Arrested

Audrey Hale never committed a crime. Nashville police believe a 28-year-old shooter attacked her private Christian school out of “resentment”. Authorities stated Hale had assault firearms. Her threat assessment may have extended to other areas.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake said another facility was a target, but Audrey decided not to strike because Hale’s “threat assessment” found “too much security” there. He thinks Hale was a “lone assailant.”

Police at the school wore body cameras, which will be released to the public. The police chief stated that they believe at least two shooting weapons were lawfully purchased in Nashville. Drake stated that they are investigating despite having no mental disease history.

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