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Who Was Behind Sarah Goode’s Death? Death Update

Sarah Goode

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The 23rd installment of Dateline, a well-known true crime and investigative journalism television series in its 25th season, is titled Finding Sarah Goode.

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The episode explores Sarah Goode’s case, a young woman who vanished in the summer of 2019.

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After Sarah Goode, age 21, mysteriously went at age 21, detectives concentrated on four men in her life and a sinister bloody handprint discovered on the bonnet of her automobile.

Who Was Behind Sarah Goode’s Death? Information To Know

A blood-stained handprint on the bonnet of Sarah’s vehicle and GPS and mobile phone data connected Dante Taylor, a 19-year-old ex-marine, to the horrific murder of Sarah.

“People are con artists. On the other hand, records aren’t.Sarah’s mother says in a teaser segment on Dateline.

Dante Taylor left Sarah a message on her last call. According to GPS data, he phoned her while heading in her way.

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Police arrested Dante but then released him after seizing his fingerprint, DNA, and cellphone evidence without a warrant or after failing to read him his rights.

Additionally, they unjustifiably searched his car. Due to the mishandling of the case, Dante Taylor was temporarily released.

He then went to Vero Beach, Florida, where he was arrested a second time for a completely unrelated crime.

Dante allegedly committed his crime out of rejection. One of his acquaintances said that Sarah rejected Dante’s advances when they met at the party she attended the night before she passed away. This story was used by the prosecution to convict Dante.

“She was simply a wonderful kid, a life cut short suddenly, and I’ll never have her again.Elizabeth Goode, the mother of the deceased girl, stated during the Dante Taylor trial, “I’m not sure what I’m going to tell her little baby when she grows older.

Killed Update on the Sarah Goode Murder Case

In June 2014, Sarah Goode, 21, went out with her friends but failed to return home the next day.

However, this was tragically not a typical night out, despite the fact that Sarah’s family was originally concerned about her being out so late.

Two days after they last saw her, Sarah was the one whose family reported her missing.

Sarah’s friends and family started searching for her right away in the Long Island suburb of Medford, New York.

Authorities found her 1999 BMW parked in the woods close to her house the next day.

A mile from where her vehicle had been left abandoned, her corpse was found a week later.

The young lady had been sexually raped and had been stabbed 42 times. She had sustained so severe injuries that a piece of metal got lodged within her head.

For his crimes against Sarah Goode, Dante Taylor was given a life term in jail without the possibility of parole in July 2016.

Judge John Collins of the State Supreme Court, who handed down the sentence, ruled that any markings you make with chalk on the walls of your cage and the cellblock where you will reside will be meaningless.

There is no predetermined time limit by which you must go, thus they will be pointless.

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