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Adam Bies Was Arrested For Threatening To Kill FBI Officers

Adam Bies

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Adam Bies was taken into custody on August 14, 2022, for making death threats against FBI agents. When detectives searched the Mar-a-Lago estate of former President Donald Trump, Bies was incensed.

A single count of interfering with, impeding with, or retaliating against federal law enforcement officers has been brought against Adam Bies, 46, of Mercer, Pennsylvania.

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He could spend at least ten years in jail if found guilty. According to a criminal complaint submitted in his case, postings from his account “BlankFocus” were singled out for attention by the FBI’s domestic terrorist surveillance division.

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“Every single jerk who works for the FBI should be killed, including the head and the janitor who cleans their f—ing toilets. Now that you’ve proclaimed war on us, the guns are going off.

Adam Bies has drawn parallels between the FBI and the Soviet-era KGB and the Nazi SS. He shared his thoughts on Gab, a famous microblogging and social networking platform among far-right radicals.

As a self-described photographer, he made clear on his business website that he was unhappy with the factors changing the American economy. Gab follows the QAnon conspiracy theory and does not have the same stringent guidelines for its content. The site has drawn criticism from a number of people who fear it could incite violence.

The arrest report states that in reaction to an emergency disclosure request, Gab gave federal authorities details on Adam Bies’ private chat history and posting history.

The rise in right-wing violence, especially in Pennsylvania, has federal authorities worried. According to reports, on January 6, 2021, the US Capitol Building was the scene of violence involving about 70 extreme groups.

Officials have referred to Bies’ writings as “unprecedented,” citing the level of violence and his calls for “civil war” or “armed rebellion.”

Last week, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security delivered a combined intelligence briefing in response to threats made against law enforcement on social media.

In response to a “dirty bomb” left outside the FBI’s Washington headquarters, this was done. In one such incident, a Pennsylvania man named Ricky Shiffer, 42, tried to break into the FBI building in Cincinnati while armed with an AR-15-style rifle and a nail gun. However, he was killed after a dispute with authorities.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Bengel will be the prosecutor in this case, according to a formal press release. The North Country Violent Offender Task Force, Pennsylvania State Police, and the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General are all conducting investigations into the matter at the same time as the Pittsburgh Field Office of the FBI.

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