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Cherie Lily- Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Marriage

Cherie Lily

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American music producer, vocalist, talent manager, performer, fitness enthusiast, social media influencer, and businesswoman Cherie Lily is well-known. She is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. She is well-known around the nation for her excellent singles and EP.

In addition to her various responsibilities, Cherie also produces music and acts as an actress. She is a skilled singer who has published multiple songs and music CDs. Additionally, she has worked in some TV programs and music videos.

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Cherie Lily is also referred to as “Andrew W.K. I’m going to tell you about this famous rock singer and musician named Andrew. Cherie Lily and her ex-husband worked together on several well-known musical endeavors. For more details on Cherie Lily, scroll down.

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The Life of Cherie Lily

Cherie Lily, a gorgeous music producer, was created in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. According to her social media pages, she celebrates her birthday every year on August 9.

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Cherie Lily is between the ages of 30-35 when it comes to her age (as of 2020). She has been passionate about acting and music since she was a young child. Cherie and Cherie Lily are now well-known music producers and talent managers, according to media sources. In 2002, her family moved to New York City.

She completed her undergraduate studies in New York City. Cherie Lily subsequently started focusing on her career. She is a well-known music producer and talent manager, according to claims in the media.

Cherie Lily is a white person having caucasian ancestry. She was raised in a conventional Christian home. The names of her parents and siblings remain unknown.

Our inquiry indicates that her father, who will remain nameless, is a prosperous businessman. On the other hand, her mother is a stay-at-home mother. She spent her childhood in her hometown playing with her siblings. She did, however, frequently share images of herself with her family on social media.

Sources claim that in May 2021, Cherie’s ex-husband Andrew W.K. will wed the well-known actress Kat Dennings. Sources claim that Lily and Andrew have been dating since 2005. They have also worked together on a variety of musical endeavors. After a while of dating, on October 4, 2008.

The pair separated for personal reasons after a few years of marriage, although the renowned actress “Kat Dennings” was not correct in May 2021.

Additionally, they shared a picture of their kissing on social media. Cherie Lily, on the other hand, withholds all information regarding her current romantic situation.


According to her biography, Cherie started her musical career as a songwriter. For a variety of well-known vocalists, he composed amazing tunes. She then made her way into the music business and put out a ton of popular songs, like Kiss My Lips, Total Body Workout, Do Your Thing Girl, What’s the T? and others.

After releasing her song “Dripping Wet,” she rose to fame. In addition to playback singing, she has performed live at numerous music concerts alongside Andrew W.K. and other well-known vocalists.

She also holds a position at ss s as a talent manager, according to her Instagram profile. Additionally, she co-owns with her friend Suzy Joy a dancing class called “Moms Who Shuffle” that helps aspiring musicians including singers and performers.

Cherie’s salary in her employment has an estimated value. Let me tell you that throughout Cherie Lily’s music career, she has collaborated with a lot of well-known singers and performers. As of December 2022, her net worth is projected to be between $4-6 million USD (about).

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