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Is The Mozambican Kingpin In Jail? Where Is He Now Being Held?

Mozambican Kingpin

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After being accused of participating in a number of kidnappings and ransom demands, a Mozambican abduction kingpin is detained.

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A guy from Mozambique who is thought to be the leader of a successful abduction ring has been detained.

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The accused criminal has been brought into custody by Interpol in South Africa. He is suspected of orchestrating kidnappings in Mozambique for ransoms of several million dollars.

The issue has allegedly been affecting the nation for the last 20 years, specifically focusing on businesspeople and their families.

Is the Mozambican Kingpin in jail?

A Mozambican kidnapping kingpin is detained in South Africa on suspicion of crimes committed in both Mozambique and that country.

Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy, age 50, was detained at a specific home in Centurion, Tshwane, close to the South African city of Pretoria, according to Police spokesman Athlenda Mathe.

On the evening of January 7, law enforcement officers were looking for the suspected criminal sought in connection with multiple instances in Mozambique when they found him at a posh estate in Centurion.

The squad that conducted the arrest also included members of the dedicated Crime Intelligence and Organized Crime task force. She also said that a few things were taken during the arrest.

A 9mm gun, 14 9mm rounds, five cellphones, many South African bank cards, and Mozambique sim cards were all taken by the crew.

In response to an arrest order and an extradition request from the Mozambican government in July of last year, a multidisciplinary task team detained him.

Mathe said that the Police put forth a lot of effort to catch the perpetrator.

In adjacent South Africa, which is already well-known for its high crime rate, kidnappings and abductions for financial gain have increased dramatically.

Is He Currently in Prison or a Jail?

The Mozambican guy detained in connection with a number of kidnappings is now in police custody.

Since he is sought close by Mozambique, he was detained in Pretoria and will now appear before the Tembisa magistrate’s court where extradition proceedings will begin.

On Monday, January 9, the suspect is scheduled to appear before the Tembisa Magistrates. Extradition procedures would start on the same day, according to the authorities.

Esmael Malude Ramos Nangy, age 50, is currently the subject of a request for extradition from Mozambique.

The suspected kidnapping leader was apprehended on Saturday night in a posh Centurion estate by a squad of police officers from around six different stations.

In July 2022, the government of Mozambique issued an arrest warrant and an extradition request, which they were responding to.

The 50-year-old Mozambican citizen is reportedly connected to many kidnappings that took place in South Africa and Mozambique and in which Mozambique demanded ransom.

He was recognized as the mastermind behind many international kidnappings for ransom since 2018, according to a Police investigation.

According to the report, a confidential source provided details regarding the man’s potential movements between Gauteng, Cape Town, and Mozambique.

A number of surveillance operations were carried out throughout Gauteng, the Western Cape, and Mpumalanga to find the suspect while investigations were being done by the Crime Intelligence Kidnapping Unit and other role players.

Another such instance from recently

A 43-year-old Zimbabwean national was detained by Mpumalanga Police in a related incident earlier this month.

He was accused of extortion, unlawfully having weapons and ammunition, abduction, and armed robbery.

According to Brigadier Selvy Mohlala, a police spokeswoman, the suspect was apprehended in Botleng, Delmas.

He said that the arrest followed the kidnapping of a 32-year-old victim and the payment of a ransom demand. The victim had visited a friend in Botleng, according to SAPS.

“He left just before 10 o’clock,” Mohlala added. The guest could be heard shouting that he had been kidnapped when the buddy got a call from his visitor’s phone in less than 30 minutes.

The situation was handled by a team of detectives, SAPS criminal intelligence, and hostage negotiators.

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