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Joe Gorga Of RHONJ Wants Bill Aydin To Apologize To Him

Joe Gorga

RHONJ on Bravo has changed its focus for this season. In the twelfth edition, the spouses also seem to be getting a lot of screen time.

Joe Gorga spending time with his wife Melissa or Evan Goldschneider standing by his wife Jackie are just two examples of how men are now in the spotlight. Due to two significant incidents on RHONJ, the spouses received a lot of attention throughout the entire program.

The first was the Luis Ruelas video that went viral, and the second was Bill Aydin’s discussion of his wife’s behavior with Joe Gorga. The latter was discussed in Series Episode 10 whereas the former may have faded into obscurity.

During a ceremony for Marge Sr. (Margaret Joseph’s mother), Joe and Bill made an effort to make amends. From the argument over the men’s supper one night to the celebration this week, the guys have had their fair share of disagreements.

Jennifer refused to accept Bill’s apology, despite Joe’s wishes. But they were able to resolve their differences. Discover what readers thought of the chat by continuing to read.

While getting ready for Marge Srbirthday .’s celebration, Melissa inquired of Joe Gorga about his relationship with Bill. He stated that he anticipated Bill would express regret for Jennifer’s behavior. In RHONJ Episode 5, Melissa and Jennifer got into a heated disagreement over the latter’s remarks against the Gorga family.

Bill stayed on the sidelines, refusing to get involved in the drama, while everyone else entered to assist solve the issue. However, Joe and Jennifer did not like this.

Joe requested an apology after the cast was kicked out of the Aydin household following the altercation, despite Jennifer arguing with Bill repeatedly throughout the subsequent episodes about his lack of support.

“I’ll be open and honest with you. You can count on me to tell you the truth. Your wife forced us out of our home. Being evicted from your house is also embarrassing. I thought, “Well, I’m friends with this dude.” I, therefore, anticipated receiving a call from you. When I called, I should have said, “Listen, I’m sorry.” Be unconcerned about what women are experiencing. Let’s discuss it tomorrow.

“You should be aware that I comprehend. And my wife’s behavior with it is inappropriate. However, a lot transpired that night and in the days leading up to it.

The men also discussed Bill skipping dinner after Joe and Evan challenged him. But finally, they did decide to resolve their differences.

In this episode, Teresa Giudice didn’t have a lot of screen time. But when she engages in an argument with Margaret Josephs and begins hurling glasses at her in RHONJ Episode 11, it appears like this will be covered.

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