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Eric Fleishman Passed Away At The Age Of 53

Eric Fleishman

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The death of the trainer and instructor Eric Fleishman on Thursday was a tragedy for the fitness industry. His wife, Alysia Kanemoto, posted a picture of him with the caption: “I’m really sad,” on social media to express her sorrow.

We deeply regret to inform you that on November 24, 2022, Eric Phillip Fleishman passed away abruptly. His wife Alysia, children, parents, and close friends/family have all been severely touched by this tragedy. Eric made a difference in the lives of several people. He was a source of light, love, and hope.

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Please send your memories and tributes to [email protected] if you know Fleishman. A celebration celebrating Fleishman’s contribution to the fitness industry will include memories and tributes. The cause of Fleishman’s passing has not yet been determined, but more details are about to come.

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People showed him respect on Twitter

Due to sportsmen and celebrities adopting his methods, Eric Fleishman has recently become a household name in the fitness industry. When news of his passing spread, Twitter was flooded with condolences:

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Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaime Camil, Brock O’Hurn, and other celebrities followed Eric Fleishman’s advice to maintain their health.

Unknown date of birth notwithstanding, Eric Fleishman grew up on a farm in Maine. He rapidly developed a passion for martial arts and had ambitions to succeed in the fitness business.

After completing his degree, he held a brief position as a personal trainer. He met Don Howorth, a former Mr. America when he traveled to Los Angeles in 1996. Fleishman was well-known for his work with the LAPD, CHP, and SWAT. He served as a trainer at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy.

Sports figures began to favor his strategies. He regularly contributed to the magazine Muscle and Fitness and gradually began to appear in many publications and TV shows.

In addition, Eric Fleishman received praise for his collaborations with famous people like Kirstie Alley, Big John McCarthy, Rachel Crow, Big Time Rush, and others.

He even participated in the selection process for the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. Before his passing, Fleishman spoke with Generation Iron about his many fitness regimens and cited Jack LaLanne as a major inspiration. He also mentioned the need for fitness for mental wellness and a challenge that involved performing 40,000 pushups.

On social media, Eric had over 131,000 followers, and his posts showed him interacting with famous people and participating in a variety of sports.

He took great satisfaction in his expertise in Hollywood physique. Despite his notoriety, Fleishman did not have a Wikipedia page, so details about his upbringing and education are not included. Only the fact that he was married to Alysia Kanemoto is known about his private life.

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