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Lee Jun ho And Girl’s Generation YoonA Is Set To Be

Lee Jun ho

2 PM’s Boy group Girl’s Generation members Lee Jun-ho and YoonA will serve as the hosts of the 2022 MBC Music Festival. Lee Jun-ho and YoonA have been selected as the MCs for the 2022 MBC Music Festival, according to NBC’s confirmation on November 28.

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The Music Festival will happen on December 31. According to rumors, Jang Sung-kyu will perform alongside both idols. The MBC Music Festival has been hosted by YoonA for eight years running, while Jang Sung-kyu will serve as the event’s presenter for the fourth time. As the host of the 2021 MBC Music Festival, Lee Jun-ho astounded everyone.

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The two celebrities astonished the crowd with unexpected and exceptional performances on Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ Senorita last year. The two enthralled the crowd with their graceful and lovely dancing techniques. The audience was enthralled by the people’s expressions and obvious sights.

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Fans went wild watching MBC’s dance performance, which was uploaded to its YouTube channel and earned over 2 million views. According to rumors, both celebrities will play the lead roles in the upcoming romance comedy King the Land. Goo Won, a wealthy heir to a chaebol, and a jovial Cheon Sa-rang are at the center of the story.

The actor and singer will portray Go Won, and YoonA will portray Cheon Sa-ra. In a relationship, two individuals with different personalities try to find satisfaction in one another. King the Land also makes reference to the VVIP business lounge, a hotelier’s paradise.

The singer and actor have been in several popular dramas, such as Good Manager, Just Between Lovers, Wok of Love, Confession, and The Red Sleeve.

His role in the historical play The Red Sleeve was appreciated by the audience. YoonA rose to fame after making an appearance in the blockbuster drama Big Mouth. She made several drama appearances, including those in Hush, Love Rain, Summer Love, The K2, Cinderella Man, and many others.

Fans started asking for another special performance as soon as Lee Jun-ho and YoonA were revealed as the hosts of the 2022 MBC Music Festival. Additionally, they are eagerly awaiting the debut of their drama, King the Land. Fans are showing their devotion to their favorite idols.

Fans are quite excited about the heated romance between the two superstars. Lee Jun-ho and YoonA will serve as presenters at the 2022 MBC Film Festival on December 31. Their most recent drama, King the Land, is scheduled to debut in the first half of 2023.

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