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Jordy Caicedo- All About The Professional Football Player

Jordy Caicedo

Jordy Caicedo Professional footballer Hannibal Mejbri is currently playing for Birmingham City on loan from Manchester United. He performs midfielder duties. Mejbri, who currently represents Tunisia’s national team, was born in France.

Gross Value

His net worth is now about $2 million, but with his rapid rise as one of the most promising talents, his net worth is certain to surge in the next few days.

Despite having previously represented France at the U16 and U17 levels, Mejbri declined the U18 and U19 call-ups to play for his parents’ country. He claimed that his decision to represent Tunisia was the best one for his family and that he was proud of it. His decision is driven by his love for the country that his parents are passionate about.

Although he is not a proficient speaker of Arabic, he is not worried since he believes that the higher the bar, the more one may be able to learn, which will only help him gain experience. Additionally, he claimed that his parents are happy that he chose Tunisia over the France that was offered to them.

He is working to create something that will be useful beyond athletics. Mejbri made his debut for Tunisia in an international match at the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup, where he reached the championship game. He was chosen to participate in the 26-player Jalel Kadri team for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Mejbri, the youngest player on Tunisia’s World Cup squad, earned his debut at the age of 19. He made his international debut for Tunisia in their Group D opener against Denmark. He replaced captain Youssef Msakni in the final fifteen minutes.

There was no winner in this scoreless tie. Mejbri will compete against France and Australia, both of which he has fought for. His debut thrilled Manchester United fans, who expressed their satisfaction in kind messages.

Mejbri comes from a family of athletes. His sister played sports, but handball rather than football. Both his older brother and father, Lotfi Mejbri, were football players for a Parisian team.

What sparked his interest in football?

He tagged along with his older brother while he played football. Jordy Caicedo frequently faced off against stronger boys. He would watch the exercise and then imitate it at home using a small plastic balloon. That is when he fell in love with football. He decided to join a football team at the age of seven while strolling through the neighborhood with his brother.

Mejbri asserts that his family has always supported him and constantly emphasized to him the need for hard work. However, he was in the spotlight from a young age because he made it to almost every competition’s finals and won the best player award there.

At the time, he was only 12 or 13 years old. On the other side, his family was constantly encouraging him to put in hard work. He carried on with his task despite everyone gossiping about him.

Mejbri claimed that despite his hard work, he liked to play rather than work. He wasn’t thinking of it as work because he was having fun. He was continuously enjoying himself. Jordy Caicedo put forth a lot of effort while having fun, as he had just learned. He claimed he didn’t value their labor and enjoyed passing exercises. Jordy Caicedo only recently realized how hard he worked.

He waited a long time to sign from Monaco to Manchester and took a four-month hiatus from the sport, which Mejbri called the “dark side of the football.” In the year following his 2018 signing with AS Monaco, he lost interest in the team, with his parents charging that the Ligue 1 team had violated the terms of his contract.

Judith Caicedo

He then understood that football was more than just a game played on a field. During that time, he was at home exercising and training and doing all he could to avoid sinking.

He was now practicing after giving up playing football. He expresses gratitude to his older brother for instructing him. Otherwise, he would have stopped. Everyone in the neighborhood was wondering whether he had given up football. So, for him, joining Manchester United was a relief.

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